• Common Questions

    Question:  Where can I find my child's passwords to access any online resources?

    Answer:  Inside the front cover of your child's homework planner lists all the websites and passwords necessary to access any online resources used in class.


    Question:  What can my child do if he/she forgets a homework assignment?

    Answer:  The back cover of your child's planner lists all the students in the class and their phone number. He/she can call a friend for help.


    Question:  How can I help my child to prepare for a test? 

    Answer:  In your child's binder you will find the outline/ study guide detailing what your child needs to know for the upcoming test. Cross reference the outline with the notes found in the section of the binder or in Google Classroom to help your child prepare for the test. 

    The math website provides additional games/ practice to help prepare for tests.   Science and social studies notes should be used to prepare for  tests/quizzes. We have pulled out the important information your child needs to know for the test/quiz.

    Question:  What do I have to do with the Friday Folder?

    Answer:  Please sign the purple form on the left side of the folder, the Sneak Preview and all of the attached papers. Friday Folders are due on Mondays.


    Question:  Where is the Book Talk Information?

    Answer:  Book Talk Information and Reading Log can be found in your child's red folder.

  • Discipline Policy      

         This year our goal is to create an environment in which every student is accountable for his/her behavior. Our discipline policy provides each student with guidance and the opportunity to make choices. Making the appropriate choice will create a positive learning environment and teach him/her valuable life lessons. This policy is intended to create a thriving learning community in which each child’s needs are met.

    The classroom rules:

    1. Follow directions the first time they are given.

    2. Raise your hand to speak.

    3. Show respect for others.

    4. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

    5. Use appropriate language.

         We also have a reward/incentive program that allows for individual, cooperative group, and wholeclass rewards. We will offer students the opportunity to earn money and write checks for individual prizes at our class store, tally table chips for small group rewards, and the class will work toward a reward (such as game day, picnic lunch, etc) which will be voted on when they've earned bees.

    If a child chooses to break a rule, the following steps will be taken:

    First time: Warning

    Second time: Self Reflection Sheet

    Third time: Lunch Detention

    Fourth time: Call Parents Severe Disruption: Sent to Office


    We have reviewed and discussed this classroom discipline policy in class, but please review this once again with your child. 

    Mrs. Cagan & Mrs. Maltese

  • Our Schedule

    Lunch is from 11:30-12:00 (right in the middle of the day). For this reason we do not have snack. 


    Monday: Art

    Tuesday: Physical Education ~ Ms. Petracca

    Wednesday: Music

    Thursday: Physical Education ~ Ms. Petracca

    Friday: Week A: Computers/ Week B: Media