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MERS Optional Family Math Challenge

MERS Optional Family Math Challenge: Join our bi-monthly math challenges which cover problem solving strategies such as drawing a picture or model, making an organized list, looking for a pattern, working backward, and guess and check. 
Each challenge presents 10 to 18 problems. The first half of the problems are suitable for younger students (K to 3). The math problems will increase in level of difficulty as students go along. Depending on the challenge, students in grade K-1 are only required to submit solutions of 3 -7 problems, students in grade 2-3 are only required to submit solutions of 6-9 problems, and students in grade 4-5 are required to submit 8-14 problems. Feel free to try them all! 
This Math Challenge program is designed for the whole family to work together to solve the problems. We encourage parents to help their kids. You only need to submit 1 form per family! Students are randomly chosen to win prizes! Students are not chosen based on correct answers! 
All of the important information is on the website below.  We will send the challenge via backpack twice a month. Feel free to join in or stop participating at any time. 
The first challenge is attached! 
DUE: October 6th- Solution is found on the website below. 
Optional Math Challenge & Calendar Link: or Click Here
Math Challenge Answer Google Form: *Use this for each challenge.