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    Pine Brook School was built in 1966, in order to accommodate a growing community.  Kervok Hovnanian, one of the first residential developers in the area, provided the site's location.  Originally, Pine Brook had been called the Pease Road School. However, in 1967, the Manalapan-Englishtown Board of Education decided to name the town's schools after old mills and streams.  Our school's namesake, the Pine Brook, had powered JW Clark's sawmills in the late 1800s.

    Currently, Pine Brook is comprised of over 600 sixth grade students following a modified Middle School schedule. Students are members of one of six different teams, each of which follows one of three building schedules. In this unique setting, we bring together students from five community-based elementary schools for the first time. We initiate numerous school-wide programs such as Character Education, a PBSIS kickoff, and The Week of Respect. These events support team building activities that provide students with various effective means of working out conflicts, overcoming peer pressure, and developing a strong sense of community.

    Through discovery-based learning, Pine Brook facilitates educational opportunities that are rigorous and relevant to the 21st century learner. Learning tasks require critical thinking by students in order to synthesize, analyze and apply knowledge in real-world unpredictable situations.
    Pine Brook strives to be on the cutting edge of educational technology and routinely engages in staff development opportunities to enhance the incorporation of technology into all lessons. Pine Brook is paperless, in that all communications with parents and students outside of school are done through district supported internet-based programs.

    Pine Brook has a long history of excellence in building lifelong learners with character and inquisitiveness; it is a reputation that we enhance every day with the collaborative efforts of parents, teachers, support staff, building administration, the Superintendent, and Board of Education.