• Welcome!

    As the administrators of Wemrock Brook Elementary School, we want to welcome you to the Wemrock Brook family. We take great pride in the outstanding curriculum and instruction offered to our district’s youngest learners. 

    We offer a strong complement of Specials instruction in the areas of Physical Education, Music, Art, Spanish, Library and Guidance that enhance the regular education experience for our students. We have professional educators that are dedicated to these additional content areas who work closely with the regular education teachers to provide a meaningful experience that connects the work being done in the classroom by the students and to the student’s lives outside of the school.

    Success, one child at a time – the effort to meet each child’s needs for growth socially, emotionally and academically – is ongoing and intentional. We use formative and summative assessments to gather data on the academic growth of our students and use that data to develop appropriate classroom and individualized instruction. Regular review and revision of the curriculum help us to ensure that we are delivering the best possible learning experience for our students.  Reading support, Mathematics support, and Special Education services afford students the opportunity to grow rapidly through individualized and personalized support. We integrate a schoolwide Character Education program into the curriculum and use the Character Education traits as key concepts during learning opportunities for social-emotional growth. Our teachers “know” their students, and identify their strengths, challenges and passions while striving for a positive school experience and love of learning.

    We acknowledge the importance of parental involvement in the success of the schools and we enjoy a strong relationship with our Parent/Teacher Association and parent volunteers. Their invaluable support has generated additional funding for technology and for purchases that have allowed us to maintain our high level of educational programming.

    Again, welcome to the Wemrock Brook Elementary School. It is our pleasure to serve our families, the teachers, and our most valuable assets, the children.

    Educationally Yours,

    Rebecca Seery
    Wemrock Brook Elementary School Principal 

    Janice Brown
    Wemrock Brook Elementary School Assistant Principal