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Mrs. Marie Behnke

                                     Welcome to Sigma Science 


Student resources can be accessed from google classroom.  Below find the link to the current unit Class Page.  

This page should be bookmarked for students as it is opened and reviewed each day.  From this page students can review the day's objective, homework and agenda.  Links can be accessed for media resources and student handouts.   


Class Daily Docs:

21/22 Spring Daily Doc/Energy 

21/22 Spring Daily Doc/Safety Protocols

21/22 - Fall Daily Doc/Human Impact and the Environment 

21/22 - Fall Daily Doc/Energy 

21/22 - Fall Daily Doc/Safety and Science Protocols 

20/21 Spring Class Page - Human Impacts on a Changing World 

20/21 Fall Class Page - Procedures, Protocols and Why we explore 

 19/20 Spring Class Page - Energy 

19/20 Spring Class Page - Why we explore

19/20 Spring Class Page - Safety, Methods and Measure 

19/20 Fall Class Page - Energy 

19/20 Fall Class Page - Why do we explore? 

19/20 Fall Class Page - Safety, Methods and Measurement

18/19 Spring Class Page - Climate Change 

18/19 Spring Class Page - Energy 

18/19 Spring Class page - Why we Explore 

18/19 Spring Class page - Safety, Methods and Measure 

18/19 Class Page - Climate Change 

18/19 Class Page - Energy  

18/19 Class Page - Why we Explore 

18/19 Class Page - Safety, Methods and Measure