• crutches

  • Please notify the school if your son/daughter obtains a serious injury.
    The safety of our students is of the highest priority.
    Gym Excuses:
    A doctor's note should indicate the length of time the student needs to be excused from gym.
    A parent can write a note to excuse a student from gym for a maximum of two days per school year.
    All gym excuses need to be brought to the School Nurse.
    Brace/Splint/Sling/Cast/Ace Wrap:
    A doctor's note is required for any student that needs to wear a brace, sling, or cast in school.  The doctor's note should state the length of time during which the brace, splint, sling, ace wrap, or cast will be used and/or the date of the next follow-up appointment.  The note should also indicate any restrictions that the student may have. 
       Note:  Slippers/flip-flops are never permitted in school.  Students must wear appropriate footwear.
    A doctor's note must indicate the need for crutches and the length of time the crutches are required. The elevator is available for students requiring crutches.
      This building has stairs, a note from the doctor is required fro use of elevator. 
      Transportation to / from school on crutches:  It is necessary that the parent/guardian transport the student on crutches to/from school. Transportation will not allow students with crutches on the bus.